Unseen Zero Tolerance, Shelter photos I stumbled across..

The other day at work I was jamming YOT - CCME and Dave who I work with that is in a different dept as me walks thou the room and asks me if this its YOT that I am listen to. I knew he was and is still into punk and that he grew up in the 80's in Thunder Bay. he launches into a story about how he went down to Orlando, FL with his parents in 1991 to see lollapalooza and was skating around town and saw a flyer for a Shelter show w/ Green Day opening and being into YOT he went to check out the show. he said he took some photos of Shelter with a disposable camera and would look to see if he had them kicking around. Turns out there was a Zero Tolerance pic he took and forgot about.

All Photos by Dave Binette:

Zero Tolerance:


The Flyer from the show:

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