Home For the Weekend.

This past weekend Beav and Mary Ann took a vacation up to Mackinac Island and offered me a ride up to Mackinac City cuz its only a hour from Sault Ste. Marie. We left early Friday morning around 8am we ran into a ton of traffic on the 401 a bus caught fire then about 30 mins down the highway a transport was burnt to the ground.

Once in the States we stopped in Burch Run,MI to get lunch at Culvers. In the parking Lot there was this Canon on the back of a truck. Not to sure why someone is carrying a canon on the back of there truck but whatever. Also Culvers had little "culverisms" on there cups.

We got into Mackinac City around 5pm and meet up with my dad and we split ways. Crossed the Mackinac Bridge and headed up to Sault Ste Maire.

We stopped in on the American side to get some dinner before going back home. There is a little 50's Diner I like to go to when I'm Back called Jeff's got the big burger there. and wanted to throw up i was stuffed.

These pics where taken from the bridge from America to Canada at Sault Ste Marie.

I use to play here alot near the Soo Locks. when growing up it was a couple blocks from where i use to live.

After we got back to the house we just hung out I was tired and went to bed really early. In the morning we got up kinda early and went to some yard sales but did not find anything. Most the day was just going around the city and checking out things that have changed since I've been there last. Went by one of the main houses we lived in as a child. We did move around alot but we spent alot of time in this house.
Stopped by my old Highschool and took a pic of the sign.

For dinner tonight I asked my Dad if we could order in a pizza from Aurora's (some of the best pizza in the city) since I don't think I've had since I lived there last. It was just as good as I remembered it being.

After the Pizza I went up to the computer room and scanned in a ton of old pictures from my childhood. When I was doing this I found a bunch of awesome old photos of my Grandparents and of my dad when he was young. After I was done with that my Dad came upstairs and he showed me a ton of war and air force photos from when my grandpa was flying. then busted out all of this old awards / metals that he recived and showed me a display case full of patches from all the units he was a part of when in the air force. I will be posting all the photos in the coming weeks. I just need to get them together and organize them better. But this is what made the trip. Just going thou all these old photos of my grandparents. Here is just a sample of whats to come.
This is one of the flight crews my grandpa was a pilot for. It was taped into a photo album but was in a card thing and was signed by all the members of the crew. My grandpa is right in the middle of the picture. (click on the picture for more detail)

We had to meet up with Mike and Mary Ann at 930am so we got up and my Dad drove me back. Stopped and took some real photos of the bridge. I think if I remember Its 5km's long. Once a year on Labour day they hold a walk across the bridge, me and my dad would go down for the walk almost every year.
About half way thou the bridge there are grates in the left hand lane on both sides its pretty scary when walking across.

Over all it was a great trip. We made it back in good time to play in our baseball game that we won! Thanks to Mike and Mary Ann for the offer and the Ride up North.

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