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Ever see a platinum record and wonder if the actual music of the artist is on the record in the frame? I always have, and I had the chance to test it out recently. I work for a company called Pindoff Record Sales. We at one point owned all the Music World stores across Canada and where one of the biggest music chains in the 90's. In the last couple month's new owners have taken over closed down every Music World store we had left in Canada. Around 600 people lost there job's because of this. In the wearhouse (where I work) around 40 or so people where let go. Including some important people in the office.

In the last week I was helping move the desks and clean out everything they left behind, Including awards the record company's gave to Pindoff for sales. I found a platinum record for Sam Roberts in one of the offices that I was told was going to be thrown out and someone else just wanted the frame it was in. Since I have always wondered what was on the actual record i pryde the record from the display and also took the plaque that came with the record. After it was out of the display you could tell there was music on the record and that it would play on a record player.

I took it home that night and put it on. As soon as the needle hit the record I could tell it was definitely not what the award was for. The award was for 100,000 units sold for a Sam Roberts album called " We Where Born In A Flame" and the music on the record was some weird dance track. I kind of had the idea that something like this would happen. The record in question came out in 2004 and it was not widely available on vinyl then.. so I could easily see why they would use some random record for the award. Now this answers the question but also I still have to know is if for the older awards out there like an old Black Sabbath award has Black Sabbath on it or some random record that was kicking around the Warner Brothers wearhouse at the time?

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